Three athletes of the Sailing Academy SPb got into the Winner Team


Every year, the most famous Optimists manufacturer in the world - the Danish company Winner - selects the best yachtsmen from different countries and invites them to become part of their Winner Team program. This development and training program for athletes in the most popular sailing class has existed for 15 years. Over the years of its existence, riders from 22 countries joined it. This year, the Russians also got into the program.

The Winner Team includes three athletes of the Sailing Academy in the Optimist class - Nikita Chernykh, Jan Kurtysh and Veronika Basalkina. All three yachtsmen entered the top 10 ranking of the All-Russian Association of Optimist class yachts of 2020. Nikita Chernykh became the champion of Russia in the Optimist class, Veronika Basalkina won the Russian championship among younger girls and took third place in the girls’ standings. Both athletes represented the country at the European Championships. At the European championship Nikita even showed the best result among Russians by taking 31st place.

In the new season, the above listed athletes of the Academy will perform on Winner boats of a special series with the Winner Team’s honorary green livery. Also, the "academics" received special team dress suits.

It is worth noting that the Academy noticeably updated its fleet this winter. In addition to the three Winner Team boats, the school has more than 10 completely new Optimists, which will enter service with athletes in the new season.

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